I’m an entrepreneur and a product manager, I also sometimes write code. I’m currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Beginning:


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pitching at 16 yo

Born in late 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to a humble family. I always wanted to have my own business ever since I was a child. I bought my first business book when I was 13. At 14 I started trading my savings into Japanese Yen and China RMB to earn quick bucks. But during that time, starting a business requires much money, and back then online businesses were something unheard of in my region.

At the age of 16, I was introduced to the tech startup scene in Malaysia through a few highly motivated friends. I started attending events and heard stories about how college students in western countries built an amazing product, raised millions in funding and employed thousands of people. But what truly inspired me was they impacted millions of lives through technology. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to search for great ideas that would push humanity forward.

HaloGas team photo

At 17, I saw a problem in my local community that sparked me to start a startup, HaloGas , an Uber for propane cylinder (LPG) to tackle the inefficiency of ordering and delivering propane cylinder in Malaysia. In just 30 months, we became the first mover in the market, scaled our operation to 23 cities across 8 states, established a network of 300+ delivery partners, processed more than 150,000 cylinders, and built a team of 10+ across engineering, business development, growth, and customer support.

My sister and I biking on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

At 20, just 5 months after completing a $200,000 seed round for HaloGas, I had my eye on the US and made a tough decision to leave HaloGas for Silicon Valley. It was a hard decision but I was soon fortunate enough to be awarded a full scholarship (including housing) to attend 42 Silicon Valley , a futuristic software engineering program based in the Bay Area. This allowed me to harness my technical skills that I didn’t have time for when running a startup, while being exposed to the world class tech ecosystem of the Valley. 

After a year of engineering, I was recruited by the CEO of an AI startup, Deepen AI  to join them as their first product manager hire. Founded by 3 ex-Googlers,  we are building computer vision infrastructures to accelerate AI in the autonomous vehicles industry.

The Pandemic: 

At 22,  just 6 months after working at Deepen AI (March 2020), the pandemic hits the US hard.  Due to the shelter-at-home order, over 50% of family-owned restaurants have been forced to close their doors and food banks are completely overwhelmed as 1.2 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Seeing this crisis, my entrepreneurial tendency got me and my friends to immediately start working on a novel solution of what would become OpenMeal


OpenMeal.org is a 501(c)(3) online non-profit marketplace allowing those in need to order food from family-owned restaurants with money funded by donation (think DoorDash for communities in need).  Food-insecure individuals would receive $20/week in credits which they can use to browse for nearby participating restaurants and place an order directly from the OpenMeal site for self pick up. As opposed to food bank, our diners are given the autonomy and freedom to order their own quality meals, while bringing business back to family-owned restaurants.

We launched the product in 3 weeks and in the next 8 months, we scaled it to 7 cities across the US, partnered with 30+ small Asian American/BIPOC owned restaurants and grew the team from 3 to 70+ volunteers and alumni from top schools and tech companies.

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My vision:

I want to make as much impact as possible in my life, and saving lives is one of the noblest things you can do in this world. With the current technology,  it’s been proven over and over again that AI can diagnose patients, predict and detect diseases and recommend treatments far more accurate than any doctor in the world.

Hence, my goal is to build a multibillion-dollar medical AI company by the age of 30. A company that would save billions of lives and changes the world as we know it.